Founded in February of 1997, we are a group of Ecuadorian and Canadian-Ecuadorian individuals who have come together with the objective of practicing and performing traditional Ecuadorian dance, some members bringing their past experience with other dance troupes to Nueva Siembra.

We are the only Ecuadorian group in Toronto that strives to mix theatre and dance when presenting the history and the reality of the diverse people of Ecuador: the Indigenous, the Afro-Ecuadorian, the Montubio and the Mestizo. After extensive study and investigation, our dances are choreographed to display the traditions, customs and lifestyles of the people in order to preserve and present the pride of our ancestors from our homeland.

We perform dances from the central and northern region of the Andes as well as the traditional dances from the Ecuadorian coast.

Nueva Siembra


Far from our land, far from our parents, our children, our families, the roots which join us across the distance with our past, our present and our future make us turn our eyes towards the beautiful land where we were born. We try to preserve the traditions of our parents, which are our traditions, and we try to show our fellow Ecuadorians, Canadians, but most of all our children and youth, the rich culture of Ecuador. We present the traditions and customs of our people so that we too realize that we are a part of a race that has maintained its traditions and culture in spite of the cultural submission and isolation of which we are all guilty.

This is a desire to show the pride of our Native peoples: the Indigenous, the Montubio, the Afro-Ecuadorian, the Mestizo. For this purpose, dance is not enough. We have begun something new in Toronto for Ecuadorian folkloric dance groups, a new form of expression which strives to unite theatre and dance, a new path by which we will all react and rethink why we founded our dance group, so that all that we do, truly has meaning.

The culture, traditions and history of our ancestors are not the sole right and responsibility of the indigenous peoples, nor of the mestizos. They are a part of each and every one of us. Let’s strive to embrace our culture and ensure that our children love our country of Ecuador which is also their country. In this way, we create the seed for a new Ecuador of which we all dream.

This is in recognition of the talent, dedication and efforts of my wife Mónica, who has made the creation of this artistic platform for our children and youth, a reality. And it is a heartfelt thank you to our daughter Tamara, who after studying for many years in the National Ballet of Canada, decided in 2011 at the young age of 16, to take on the responsibility as the creative director of our group.

This work is in homage to my parents, LUIS and CARMEN TARCO, from God’s blessed town of Baños in the Tungurahua province of Ecuador, so that they know that their creation has not been in vain. It is also for the parents of my wife Mónica, DANTE and BEATRIZ BUSTAMANTE. We thank them for their ongoing help and unconditional support during these difficult years.